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A Competition Free Zone is right in front of you

Separate yourself as “The Unique Expert”

Build Confidence

Large clients are swamped with requests for meetings from financial professionals. The ThirdBox Process™ immediately grabs their attention and has them asking “What do you need to get started?”

Open Bigger Cases

ThirdBox Conversations™ lead you and the client to their largest opportunity…the unseen collateral damage caused by uncoordinated financial decisions. We’ve discovered most clients are losing between $2 - $5 million over their lifetime that can be stopped.

Win Clients Now

We believe in getting paid to learn. The ThirdBox Process™ pairs you with one of our founders. These seasoned experts help you open conversations and win large cases while you learn. When you’re ready, you take over!

Uncover and Manage the Millions of Dollars that People are Losing Over their Lifetime

Most advisors are fighting over the same dollars, a potential client’s investible assets. So potential clients hear the same approaches repeatedly. Advisors are either pitching better returns or lower fees. To stand out, you need a third approach. The ThirdBox Process™ creates a competition free zone in the client’s mind that only you live in Learn to uncover the millions of dollars people are losing over their lifetime and implement strategies to stop these losses. If you add $2-$5 million to your client’s retirement, would they hire you on the spot?

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